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Thank you for your openness to investigate and explore new possibilities of change... You are loving yourself enough to look into a new healing technology that may seem too good to be true. Well... Energy is Real -- and Energy Works!

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"Love has the power to break all chains - Swim the deepest seas - Endure the strongest pains - Love is the glow in the darkest night leading you on until you have sight." --Cristoto


"Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people." --Jawaharlal Nehru


Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing and More!

One of the truly great wonders during an energy healing is the release of pain —be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Pain is an energy that has stopped moving because it is stuck or blocked. In an energy healing session this pain energy can be released by clearing your aura, balancing your chakras, and flowing healing energy through your body.

What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is a method of improving the flow of your life force energy, also known as “chi.” Healthy, happy chi makes for a healthy, happy person. Energy healing can be used for almost anything, from improving your health to just feeling more at peace and harmony. The results one receives from energy work can be truly wonderful!

However, it should be known that this form of healing should not be a replacement for traditional medical care. However, utilizing energy to heal should be looked into by everyone as it enhances our body’s natural healing abilities. Furthermore, energy healing can be considered as a therapeutic method of deep purification that releases old traumas and fears which limit our own healing capabilities.

As a form of therapy that focuses on your energy, energy work will help you to initiate healing and well-being within you. Perfect for those who may be depressed, fatigued, anxious or simply overwhelmed by life—energy healing can also be considered as a method of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

How Does this Healing Work?
The main principle behind energy work is that universal energies surround us and are also available to us for healing purposes. The style of healing I perform consists mainly of clearing your aura, balancing the chakras within your body, and flowing healing energy through your body.

Your aura, which is the energy bubble around you, sometimes can be damaged or inundated by foreign energy. If your aura is torn, for example, you may feel pain or discomfort in the area of your body that the damaged part of your aura encompasses. Repairing the tear will help to remove the pain in your body.

When foreign energy, such as someone’s anger or neediness, is dumped in your aura, you will feel it. You may feel disoriented, anxious, confused, angry, etc. By clearing out the foreign energy from your aura you will feel more like yourself!

By clearing and/or opening the chakras, you are empowered with vibrational balance and harmony. During this process of the healing, your chakras will open and release heavy energy blockages. This will give you a sense of overall well-being—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Throughout a healing session, healing energy is channeled through your body to aid in your achievement of optimal balance. Clients who have experienced an energy healing have felt the warmth and indescribable gentleness and power of this healing energy as they felt it flow throughout their body. Just know that: Where the energy flows, healing goes…

What to Expect In an Energy Healing Session
After spending a few minutes getting acquainted with each other, you will lie down on my massage table with your clothes on. Soothing background music will be played to relax you.

I begin by checking your chakras for any imbalances using a crystal pendulum. If any of your chakras are blocked or spinning backwards, I will help you to clear and correctly align them using various techniques incorporating Reiki, and collaboration with my spiritual healing guides.

Next, since this is hands-on work, I will place my hands on various points of your body, usually working from feet to head. This part of the healing session is primarily done to facilitate the flow of energy through your body.

Note that I will “run” healing energy through your body throughout the session. This energy offered to you is Universal and healing in nature; not my personal energy. Forms of healing energy that I work with are Reiki, Christ Force Energy, and the healing energy of my spiritual healing guides. For more about my background in healing please read about me here.

How Will I Feel During and After an Energy Healing Session?
Experiences during an energy healing session vary but most people reach a state of deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace. Time is set aside at the end of the session to talk about and integrate the experience.

By means of receiving an energy healing, you will gain clarity of mind, peace, understanding, and heightened awareness. You will transcend beyond the stress and confusion of your everyday life and gently touch upon the beauty of your inner world. Energy healing will bring you back to a space of balance, while facilitating your inner healing process.

As healing is ultimately your personal experience arising from deep within, how you feel after an energy healing depends on how you respond to what you bring to the session in your heart and spirit.

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