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Welcome to Spirit Polishing

Thank you for your openness to investigate and explore new possibilities of change... You are loving yourself enough to look into a new healing technology that may seem too good to be true. Well... Energy is Real -- and Energy Works!

Love Quote

"Love has the power to break all chains - Swim the deepest seas - Endure the strongest pains - Love is the glow in the darkest night leading you on until you have sight." --Cristoto


"Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people." --Jawaharlal Nehru


Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know…

Here’s most everything you may want to know about Spirit Polishing. These are answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have further questions, please email me on my Contact page and I will get back to you ASAP. Aloha!

What Is Your Mission All About?
The services offered by Spirit Polishing are all based upon Energy. We Are All Energy. And, the highest energy vibration, Love, is what heals everything. Love Heals. In essence, Spirit Polishing is all about Love…

What Does a Spiritual Healer Do?
You—and your personal energy bubble, your aura—contains all of your life’s essence and spiritual information. Information relating to all of your life experiences. This may include information from past life memories, traumatic experiences in this lifetime, relationships, and your belief system. This information is what a clairvoyant picks up and communicates back to you during a reading or healing.

During the course of a session (or sessions) with me, you will begin to peel away layers of energy and clear your energetic field. As you do so, you will be able to uncover underlying causes of any pain you may have been experiencing. It is only when you recognize the pain, that you can release it.

However, once this energy is released, you will feel so good. Because you will have created more space for positive energy to flow in you and your aura, bringing balance to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Thus, a fitting description of a spiritual healer can be “energy mover.”

Where Do the Intuitive Messages Come From?
The messages received during a clairvoyant reading are ultimately from you and your energetic field. You, the Spirit chooses to bring them to the surface to be seen.

I am here to help you explore your life at this given moment from an elevated space of awareness and neutral viewpoint. Together, as we begin to see what you are choosing to heal, you are better able to feel and release the stored energy—energy that may be keeping you from personal and spiritual growth.

What Do You Recommend For a First Time Client?
I recommend my Spirit Blend which provides 30 minutes of Energy Healing and a 30 minute Clairvoyant Reading. This is a nice combination for a beginner to experience my two primary services. After you have had a chance to experience these services we can work together to set up a regular regime to address your energetic needs.

What Should I Ask During a Clairvoyant Reading?
Many people get a psychic reading with the hope that the person reading them will tell them their future. Some are looking for a quick fix or the answer to their prayers…

In the course of receiving a clairvoyant reading from me, we will explore all options open to you in regards to your situation related to the specific questions you have. But it is important to understand that you must do the work also in order to manifest more of what you want in your life.

In other words, I am not here with the intention of telling you what you want to hear—of course, this is always wonderful if this should happen… But I am not a fortune teller. My intention in giving you a clairvoyant reading is to empower you, and to help facilitate your personal growth, awareness and healing.

Being as specific as possible with your questions will get you closer to the answers you seek. For example: “Am I going to be rich?” A better way to rephrase this question might be: “What should I focus on now to be more prosperous in the future?” Or, from a different perspective: “What is blocking my prosperity?” “How can I release this block?”

During the course of a reading we can begin to uncover details on how you can take control of your life in the present moment, and create your life’s path to achieve your dreams.

What Can I Expect During an Energy Healing?
Everyone responds differently to an energy healing. Just as everyone has different life situations, experiences, and expectations, each person’s healing experience will differ.

An energy healing essentially will help you to release stored up energy: eg. pent up emotions, pain, etc. The release of this negative energy, or anything you choose to let go of, is a great indication that you are making space for positive energy to flow through you.

During the healing it will good for you to embrace these emotions or pain as you feel them. By doing so you will be able to better let go of them. You may experience an immediate release of energy. After your energy healing it will be good for you to allocate some quiet time for yourself to just be alone. You most likely will continue to feel the benefits from your healing over the next several days.

How Should I Prepare For Your Services?
Just give yourself permission to be able to receive, and be open to the process of spiritual healing. People who come for a clairvoyant reading or energy healing who are tense, nervous or skeptical will block the flow of energy. This prevents them from truly receiving the messages or the healing energy. We will spend some time together before your session to answer any questions you may have, and to put yourself at ease.

How Often Should I Receive Your Services?
I recommend that everyone should take at least one hour a month to receive a Healing Massage, Energy Healing or Clairvoyant Reading. Because permanent and lasting energetic changes require regular attention and healing work which cannot be accomplished in one session.

For example, more intense issues that you choose to heal may require a more intense program. If this is necessary for you, we can create a healing regime that addresses your individual needs.

Is Everyone Psychic?
Yes, you are psychic. Deep within everyone is the knowingness— the innate ability to access the intuitive essence of your soul. Everyone is psychic. It’s just that some people remember more than others.

Those that are psychic, intuitive, or clairvoyant are simply tapping into this ability. Therefore, if you desire to be psychic, you just need to work at it. Like how your physical body responds to training, so will your intuition. A good space to learn about your psychic abilities is in the Clairvoyant Meditation classes that I teach.

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