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Welcome to Spirit Polishing

Thank you for your openness to investigate and explore new possibilities of change... You are loving yourself enough to look into a new healing technology that may seem too good to be true. Well... Energy is Real -- and Energy Works!

Love Quote

"Love has the power to break all chains - Swim the deepest seas - Endure the strongest pains - Love is the glow in the darkest night leading you on until you have sight." --Cristoto


"Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people." --Jawaharlal Nehru


Betty R.Honolulu, Hawaii
“Stephen is truly a beautiful person and an amazing healer. He has helped me in countless ways through his healing massage, energy work and clairvoyant readings. His love and compassion for others really shines through. It is truly a soul awakening experience!”

Ana TarapeHonolulu, Hawaii
“I used to get constant headaches. Every day I would get a headache. No pain reliever was able to help. I did an MRI and EKG, and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with my brain. I also was having a hard time sleeping. I took several different sleeping pills and none of them seemed to work.

Stephen suggested a Christ Force Healing in order to clear any energy blockages in me, especially in my head. During the healing he noticed clairvoyantly that I had energy resembling shards of glass in my head, which were causing my headaches and me not being able to relax.

Ever since the healing I have had not one headache and have been sleeping soundly. I know it was his healing work that helped me with my headaches and sleeping disorder—because western medicine never worked.

My cousin Jen has been taking Meditation I classes with me and it has been enlightening! We can’t wait to learn more from him and move on to Meditation II and Spiritual Healing I and II.”

Kathy H.Keaau, Hawaii
“Greetings from the Big Island, Stephen. I would like to thank you for the expert healing massage I received from you last week while on a very short—stressful visit to Oahu… The whole experience was very soothing and relaxing and healing for me. It is a great service you offer the community, while advancing in your field.”

Mica RoweHonolulu, Hawaii
“This is a rare opportunity to experience the rejuvenation and the uplifting of one’s very own being—to its fullest. Stephen uses his gift of touch beyond ordinary massage techniques. One can actually experience the richness of healing, relaxation, and enjoyment—physically, mentally and spiritually. I recommend him highly!”

Kala’iHonolulu, Hawaii
“Aloha mai e Stephen — Just a little note… to say ‘Mahalo Nui’ Your kind words of advice have touched my soul… With God’s Love we have miles to go… God Bless you.”

Jimmie Ann NoellHonolulu, Hawaii
“I would recommend that anyone on a path of self awareness and growth would benefit from Stephen’s meditation class. It has given me helpful and easy tools that I can use any time during my day to center, ground or focus myself—so I am able to live my life in a more conscious and effective way. The use of this particular meditation technique has nourished the growth of positive mental, physical and spiritual awareness in me, which has added greatly to the quality of my life. Thank you Stephen!”

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